Thom For Colorado

Thank you for visiting my site.  I have put this together myself and I am not a graphic designer so I hope you can excuse the very basic website layout.  My intention with this site is to get you necessary information posted here without it being completely displeasing.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on if information or my position on issues that matter to you is missing.  Expect me to continue to tinker with this throughout the campaign.


The quick bio:

Thomas Haupt was born and raised in northern Minnesota.  Thom and his younger sister grew up with loving Catholic parents who both worked on a hobby farm in rural country learning how to be self-sufficient and the meaning of hard work.  Thom moved to Eagle County, Colorado in 2003 and has worked for the last ten years as a network administrator for a ski pass software company.

Thom has been an active member of the community and is a member of the non-partisan group Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado.  He has worked with a number of local charities and has helped with hosting events for public education and community awareness.  Thom is the coordinator for the Eagle County Libertarian Party Development Group where he continues to increase awareness of local and national issues that matter to Eagle County residents.

Thom is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, personal freedom, and the right for every person to make their own choice on how to live their life.  His platform motto is, “Government is a local issue.”  To that end he promotes lifestyles and laws that start with your local organizations, church, and community.  What can’t be achieved at that level then moves to the control of city and local boards.  If more regulations and laws are needed it moves through county and then to state level lawmaking.  Only then should the federal government’s role be considered.   Our federal government has greatly overreached its intended purpose and mandate and Thom campaigns on the platform of local laws for local issues.